Cooking has always been my passion, from baking with my Grandma in her kitchen to working in successful restaurants during college and University. After graduating I became an Automotive Engineer - testing prototype vehicles on test tracks all over the world; yet the call of the kitchen was too strong to ignore.

After spending 3 weeks in Japan, I'd fallen in love with it all - the attention to detail, respect, passion, dedication to a pursuit and of course the food. Even after months of research prior to the trip it still far exceeded my already high expectations. It seemed that whatever cuisine or product they chose to craft, no detail would be overlooked - as a perfectionist and Engineer this excited me greatly,

I felt at home.

I became obsessed with Ramen, it's a very new dish in Japan's incredibly historic cuisine but they have embraced and elevated it to an unbelievable level - the first true bowl was an Umami explosion; I was addicted, wanted to recreate the taste and learn as much as possible. Visiting as many Ramen bars all over Japan exposed the limitless possibilities; the skill, thought and effort that went into each bowl was unfathomable - as a relatively new Japanese dish there wasn't as many rules or constraints such as with Sushi .


Back in the UK  the obsession grew - cookbooks, videos, Japanese translations, experimentation, development, research, science, sleepless nights. Every component was like pulling a thread and getting lost in a rabbit hole, I loved it. The iterations of my ramen creations improved each time until the months of devoted research paid off; bowls that tasted of Japan.


The pursuit of perfection is endless, we can always learn more, always make something better, always put more research into the tiniest element or technique but the closer we get to perfection the more rewarding it is. Japan has a strong foundation in my heart and personality and resonates so much with me - throughout all of the research I kept coming across a Japanese term "Kodawari" it has no single word translation in English and depicts the Japanese attitude and my pursuit perfectly.


Kodawari means "an uncompromising and relentless devotion to a pursuit, an art, a craft, an activity.

 It happens when a very high standard is set; when special consideration and attention is given to something;

when a breach of the standard is unthinkable; when compromise is intolerable...

and so Kodawari was born.